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Reduces complexity of IT infrastructures with VASGARD/IAN

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Bernard KRONE Holding SE & Co. KG (Krone Group) is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles. The Krone Group is a German family business based in Spelle in the district of Emsland. It is globally active and employs around 5,700 people. The company has introduced a management system for information security and at a technical level VASGARD/IAN platform is a key component in fulfilling the regulations.

One focus when using the VASGARD/IAN platform is to obtain an up-to-date overview of the company’s asset relationships in order to subsequently identify dependencies in a targeted manner using a structural analysis.

Various existing systems, such as virtualization environments, firewalls, software administration and device management systems were connected to the platform as data sources via interfaces. Once data harmonization was complete, the picture of the IT infrastructure was put together almost automatically and is continuously updated without manual intervention.

Another milestone in the implementation was a protection requirements assessment and business impact analysis by the corresponding app. As part of the implementation, key initial parameters were collected for IT emergency management, which were used for the detailed security analysis. The evaluation of processes according to their protection requirements is one of the most important pieces of information for an ISMS. This assessment enables the ISMS to apply suitable measures for each process and the IT systems used.

With the introduction of VASGARD/IAN, the complexity of modern IT structures becomes much more manageable and targeted measures for IT (security) can be initiated.


Key figures

  • VASGARD/IAN maps about 40,000 information assets from 5 source systems.
  • Implementation of one app.