The Single Point of Truth


The only scalable platform to integrate and map security and compliance data into a single point of truth.

The VASGARD/IAN platform integrates all information security and data and generates an up-to-date picture of the company’s IT impact chains.

The platform ensures traceability across all levels of information security management. Existing systems, processes and documents are made usable in an interdisciplinary and cross-departmental manner – from the default document to vulnerability management. With the flexible architecture, no information and therefore no risk remains undiscovered.

VASGARD/IAN is highly adaptable and scalable to meet ever-changing reporting requirements. It also significantly reduces the costs and time associated with legacy security tools and growing compliance requirements.

Advantages at a glance

General transparency

VASGARD/IAN enables the correlation and evaluation of security-related information. The platform helps identify compliance and security goals and translates these goals into measurable and defined rules for operations.

Bidirectional information flow

VASGARD/IAN enables the integration of existing solutions and inventory systems as data providers. Due to the bidirectional communication of the connectors, all information from VASGARD/IAN is returned to the inventory systems.

Protected investments

VASGARD/IAN leverages the asset and status information of individual business units and systems that is already available but incompatible in conventional architectures. This protects and enhances your investments sustainably.

Efficient risk management

VASGARD/IAN identifies and documents vulnerabilities and risks. In addition, the progress made in implementing measures is made transparent.

Continuous alignment

VASGARD/IAN continuously aligns systems in operation with currently known vulnerabilities and compares system settings with defined defaults. This reduces vulnerability to attacks and operational risk.

Comprehensive user group

VASGARD/IAN supports employees in compliance departments, in ITSM and ISM operations as well as in classic auditing and outsourcing. This makes cross-organizational collaboration and provider management much more efficient.

VASGARD/IAN transforms compliance and security-related tasks with a revolutionary new architecture.

VASGARD/IAN integrates any type of data source without requiring excessive interface development. The platform automatically collects and normalizes asset information and provides critical information from disparate data sources for operational and strategic business decisions. In this way, VASGARD/IAN enables users to access the information they need.

Because VASGARD/IAN provides users with transparent information, productivity increases. It also provides the flexibility to focus on what matters most – from regulatory compliance to threat and vulnerability assessments.

Why do you need the VASGARD/IAN?

VASGARD/IAN detects the intersecting data streams and ensures that you act, not react. This significantly reduces your effort for audits, assessments, change, compliance, incident and risk management.


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Anzeige Informationsverbund

Use the collected data and graphically display interrelationships of your assets with templates to view the current status of the information network (impact chain, structural analysis).

  • Create comprehensive overviews with just one click
  • Save created overviews, share them or use them in reports
  • Display of assets can be extended according to your own needs
  • Layout and style of visualization individually customizable
Viualisierung VASGARD/IAN


Automatic identification of relevant asset and status information
  • Bidirectional integration bus
  • Flexible data model


Analysis and evaluation of security and compliance audits
  • Automatic evaluation and reporting
  • Identification of risks and deviations


Workflow-based tracking of measures
  • Alerting and notification
  • Configurable apps

The VASGARD/IAN platform supports

  • Maintenance of complex impact chains in real time
  • Assigning the level of protection based on business impact and protection needs
  • Identification and management of IT-related risks
  • Need for urgent security-related patches
  • Organizational silos to improve IT security while reducing costs and increasing productivity
  • Regulatory compliance reporting based on aggregated data
  • Handling and managing outsourced (cloud) services

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

We offer VASGARD/IAN as a web-based solution and ensure its operation.

Operation takes place in an ISO 27001 certified data center in Germany. All data is processed and stored exclusively in Germany.

On-Premise Hosting

We offer the VASGARD/IAN platform as an appliance for your infrastructure.


VASGARD/IAN Architecture

The VASGARD/IAN platform consists of the core (core program), the CCDB (database) and the installed apps (solutions) of the client. It uses a bidirectional VASGARD/IAN Integration Bus (VIB) in conjunction with the respective required VASGARD/IAN Integration Connectors (VIC).

VASGARD/IAN Plattform Architektur



Deviation Management


Product Lifecycle Management


Authorization Concept Management


Firewall Recertification

Frequently asked questions about the VASGARD/IAN

CCDB is the term used for the Compliance Configuration Database. The database consolidates all information about the current compliance and security status of relevant assets, i.e., assets involved in an IT value chain.

A VIC is a VASGARD/IAN Integration Connector. A major disadvantage of conventional IT security systems are incompatible interfaces for data transfer between systems. To overcome this disadvantage, VICs have been developed. With the VASGARD/IAN Integration Connectors, different systems can be connected to the VASGARD/IAN.