Centralized Outsourcing Management


Centralized Outsourcing Management

With the ZAM app, you fulfill the regulatory requirements for outsourcing management. It supports outsourcing managers in recording, evaluating and maintaining outsourcing and third-party purchases. The solution consists of three modules.

Module 1 “Selection Phase” serves the work steps for identifying an outsourcing and provider selection. Identification can collect and answer questions related to strategy review and the overall business case of an outsourcing. The provider selection supports the integration of the risk analysis as well as the identification of conflicts of interest and collects relevant information about the supplier (Know Your Supplier).

Module 2 transfers the data from the selection phase to the “contract phase”. Here, general and specific KPI-related requirements for the contractual partner are reviewed and evaluated. The requirements are reviewed with a view to data protection, information security, business continuity management, physical security and sustainability.

Module 3 “Continuous monitoring” subjects the data to continuous quality control in a process. Changes can be tracked and processed in a distributed manner throughout the organization.


  • Identification, assessment and monitoring of outsourcing.
  • Linking of identified outsourcing with owners, service providers, contracts and, if applicable, other relevant assets from the CCDB (Compliance Configuration Database)
  • Workflow for evaluating various issues by providing and preparing questionnaires with subsequent calculation of the risk score
  • Workflow for reviewing and confirming completed questionnaires by responsible parties and roles
  • Workflow for managing open measures, conflicts of interest and poor performance
  • Integration of the application with assets and data from other apps, such as Information Risk Management, Data Security Management or Protection Requirements Assessment and Business Impact Analysis

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