Control Self Assessment


Control Self Assessment

The Control Self Assessment (CSA) app supports those responsible for compliance management in the creation, execution and follow-up of compliance checks.

The CSA app makes it possible to define so-called control areas, including control area owners, via which responsible employees can manage all relevant assets and evaluate them using freely definable requirement catalogs. Measures defined as part of such evaluations can be tracked via the CSA app and completed in a quality-assured manner.


  • Security of IT systems can be reviewed regularly, on an ad hoc basis and avoiding conflicts of interest
  • The scope and focus of the review can be oriented to the need for protection, the protection goal or relevant attack vectors
  • Identification, assessment and monitoring of vulnerabilities is performed according to control areas and responsibilities
  • Creation of workflows to assess different controls by providing and assigning control areas, protection goals, responsibilities or business processes
  • Status overview allows responsible parties to review and confirm completed control assessments
  • Creation of freely definable reports for supervisors, reviewers and auditors

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