IT-Security Compliance Operating


Minimize risks, strengthen trust

Our Security Compliance Operating (SCO) team develops, implements and monitors comprehensive security policies and procedures to minimize risk and ensure IT compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Through proactive measures and continuous monitoring, our SCO plays a key role in ensuring the integrity of your business processes.

Security Compliance Operating


With our VASGARD/IAN platform, you can integrate information from a wide variety of independent IT security and compliance tools. This gives you effective control of your processes, IT systems and applications and ensures traceability across all levels of information security management.

From specification documents to vulnerability management, your existing documents, processes and systems come to the fore and are made usable across disciplines and departments. With a flexible and scalable architecture, no information asset and therefore no risk remains undiscovered.

Security Incident und Event Management

A Security Information and Event Management system (SIEM) centralizes, correlates and analyses data within your IT infrastructure. This gives you seamless transparency of all activities within your network environment and allows you to quickly detect anomalies and respond to threats.

Operating a SIEM requires expertise and resources that are not available at all or not sufficiently available in many companies. This is why we offer not only the introduction but also the ongoing operation of a SIEM system.

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment (VA) is a systematic review of the security gaps in an information system. We assess whether an information system is susceptible to known vulnerabilities, assign a severity level to these vulnerabilities and, if necessary, recommend measures to rectify or limit the damage.

Advantages of SCO

  • Setup and operation from a single source
  • Transfer and enrichment of events and findings in VASGARD/IAN platform
  • Evaluation and prioritization of identified vulnerabilities for effective risk reduction
  • Tracking of vulnerabilities via the customer’s processes
  • Centralized reporting for any level

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